Inspired (Steve Redgrave)

About Steve Genetics and events conspired to present Steve with not just a career, but a life. He woke up every day with a cup of tea and large bowl of Shreddies and ate it standing in the kitchen before the first rowing outing of the day. This is followed by breakfast — a vast bowl of porridge workout and half a loaf of jam — and the start of a day of training and eating (reaching 6000 calories per day). [Read More]

Racing Weight - How to Get Lean for Peak Performance

Body weight management is critical to performance in endurance sports. Being in peak shape means both optimal body weight and optimal body composition. A low body-fat percentage is the only anthropometric characteristic common to elite athletes in all endurance sports. As body-fat levels go down, performance increases from: Improved aerobic capacity — fat tissue competes with muscle tissue for oxygen and fuel Overheating reduces — thermoregulatory strain has decreased Training for peak performance Form follows function. [Read More]