I Chose The Rails (Bradford Barrington)

Bradford Barrington quit his job and chose the rails for an adventure across America. This idea started out as an “insignificant whisper in the back of my mind… but as the months went on the whispers grew louder and louder until they eventually overtook my entire being like a cancer expanding inside my head. It was pleading and begging me to change everything.” In his first journey, he gave to beggars. [Read More]

Inspired (Steve Redgrave)

About Steve Genetics and events conspired to present Steve with not just a career, but a life. He woke up every day with a cup of tea and large bowl of Shreddies and ate it standing in the kitchen before the first rowing outing of the day. This is followed by breakfast — a vast bowl of porridge workout and half a loaf of jam — and the start of a day of training and eating (reaching 6000 calories per day). [Read More]

Liar's Poker - Rising through the Wreckage on Wall Street

Liar’s Poker was a game to prove you could handle risk. A good player made a good trader. Meriwether played before the game began, beating his superior Gutfreund by taking a million dollar one-round challenge and raising to ten million. There is a magic moment during which a man has surrendered a treasure, and during which the man who is about to receive it has not yet done so. [Read More]

Steve Job’s biography surprises and enlightens

“If you are not busy being born you are busy dying” — Bob Dylan Steve Jobs is a tech inspiration. He had failings as a family man, being “too busy to flush toilets” let alone be a loving father to four children, but as a business leader he created revolutionary products with imaginative leaps that were “instinctive, inspirational and at times magical”. They were also profitable: in 2010, Apple took 35% perfect of the operating profit of the PC industry from 7% of the revenue. [Read More]

It’s Not about the Bike - My Journey Back to Life (Lance Armstrong)

Lance Armstrong’s autobiography tale of grit and obsession that provides a small glimpse of the dedication required to become a world class sportsman. His “whole life has been against the odds”. He took an intense focus to all aspects of life, becoming “a student of cancer” instead of giving in, learning how flaxseed aids against arthritis, cancer and other diseases, and how soy powder was a proven anticancer aid. When he became ill, his treasured Porsche “seemed like an item of pure decadent self-indulgence” compared to the significant medical bills. [Read More]