Android Design Guidelines

The Android Design Guidelines from Google are common goals for all Android apps across every device.

Android devices

Enchant me

  • Delight user in surprising ways
  • Real objects better than buttons or menus
  • Provide sensible, beautiful defaults, but consider fun personalisation
  • Get to know user choices, place them in easy reach once learnt

Simplify my life

  • Simple phrases and short words - 30 character limit
  • First two words of phrase should contain taste of important info
  • Avoid repetition of terms in a phrase
  • Use casual conversational language
  • Pictures get attention and more efficient for explanations
  • Act rather than ask user, too many choices off-putting - but let user undo
  • Break info into digestible chunks - only what they need when they need
  • Make places in app distinctive, user should always know where they are
  • Use transitions to show relationships between screens
  • Feedback for ongoing tasks
  • Remember settings, personal touches, let people access their creations
  • Discern functional differences with visuals: look the same = act the same
  • Only interrupt user if it’s important

Make me amazing

  • Use visual patterns from other apps
  • Gentle error messages, try and give as little technical info as possible
  • Give feedback on actions, break complex tasks into simple ones
  • Make important actions fast and easy to perform from anywhere in app