Talking with Tech Leads

Talking with Tech Leads is a book by Patrick Kua for Tech Leads from Tech Leads.

What is a Tech Lead?

Patrick defines a Tech Lead as follows:

A leader, responsible for a development team, who spends at least 30 per cent of their time writing code with the team.

How Tech Leads provide value

Tech Leads provide value by:

  1. Helping developers code
  2. Collaborating with stakeholders outside the team
  3. Justifying coding in a sustainable way
  4. Communicating business priorities

Prioritising team over code

Tech Leads prioritise team focus and harmony over writing code. This can be tricky when the technical aspects of the job are their favourite.

Tech Leads allow developers to make mistakes as failure is a natural part of the learning process. They should provide feedback at the right time to maximise learning, while  limiting the impact of failures.

Being objective and focussed

Tech Leads choose their words carefully as they know that the team will watch, observe and judge every word and every action. They have to control their emotions and maintain objectivity.

Tech Leads focus on a few issues and let go of the rest to give them time to sort themselves out.

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