High Street App Stores

High street app store

Businesses have technology consultancies but what do you do if you are a regular individual and want to use technology to improve your life. To find new software you have to search on the internet or using app stores. You then pick the package with the best reviews, most downloads and closest match to your requirements.

Software is sold on the high street in boxed packages that complement hardware and increase margins for the electronics stores. In the next decade, software will be sold without hardware and customised to solve individual needs with face-to-face feedback. Technology will be the foundation that supports increasing possibilities for our business and personal lives.

The Internet generation will enter the workforce with an intuitive grasp of technology and employees will use custom apps to gain an advantage over competitors. They will enter a physical app store and state their problem:

I want to know all the clients that I haven’t messaged in over 7 days. —Future consumer

Trained advisors will look at this need, generalise it and design an interface optimised for that customer:

Your profile indicates you are an auditory learner. We will create a mobile app that reads out the contacts you have not contacted recently. You can customise the time frame and use it as your alarm clock. —Future advisor

Tony Hoare predicts that industry will fund the development of software that can answer questions about how software runs and why errors occur — computers will gain an understanding of their own workings. With lower intellectual requirements for software developers, prices for custom software will fall within the reach of an average consumer.

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