Setting up Disqus Comments

Before now, I disagreed with comment systems and preferred direct contact through email. This naive approach resulted in little interaction from the web community. Comment systems only require 5 seconds of commitment, and users are more likely to return once this premature commitment has occurred.

So which comment system to use? Drafting my own is not an option (Don’t Repeat Yourself). Comment systems have been implemented thousands of times before.

Two possible web solutions

  1. Disqus integrates with Facebook/Twitter and is used by Wired magazine. Known for deep social integration.

  2. Intense Debate targets blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr. Previously used with the Cambridge Tab Wordpress platform.

Choice for the first prototype

I chose Disqus because of three key reasons:

  1. Clean administrative interface
  2. Installation requires a single JavaScript snippet per article page
  3. Support for permalinks and unique article IDs